Our nursing team is a learning-oriented team with young and harmonious, hardworking and dedicated people who love what they do and love helping others.

At present, we have 60 nursing units with 1285 nurses, including 4 professors and 25 associate professors, and 1 doctoral supervisor and 9 master tutors. In our team, 80.3% of our nurses got bachelor degree, 120 of them got master degree and 6 of them are doctor’s degree; 12 of them are the members of China Nursing Association; 5 of them are the members of Hunan Nursing Association (HNA), including 1 vice-president, 2 executive directors; 43 of them are the members of Professional Board of Hunan Nursing Association, including 4 presidents and 14 vice-presidents. Our hospital is an attached hospital of 4 director’s units of HNA including the Cardiovascular Nursing Unit, Organ Transplantation Unit, Hemopurification Unit and Nursing for ENT Department Unit.

In recent years, our nursing has been developed rapidly by focusing on “Mode-modified, Clinical-oriented, Characteristic-created, Brand-promoted”, which directly led our nursing quality improved continuously, our nursing service enabled constantly and our nursing discipline developed well-rounded.

In 2012, we have won the first branch of “High Quality Service Demonstration Ward” awarded by Ministry of Health and “High Quality Service Advanced Unit” awarded by Hunan Health Department. In 2013, we got the “National Key Specialty Construction Projects of Clinical Nursing” and “Xiangya Clinical Big Data Project”. In 2014, we have gained the “National Natural Science Foundation” and “China Scholarship Council Project”. In these years, we have also won lots of research grants at different levels, including 70 project of provincial level and got 76 national patents. We published 52 monographs and over 1000 academic papers and researches.