Welcome to the Department of Anesthesia in the 3rd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.

The Department of Anesthesia of the 3rd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, founded in 1992, has been running the 21 - year history. We provide high-quality and personalized patient service, conduct innovative research and offer comprehensive educational opportunities.

We have outstanding anesthesiologists: 4 professors, 1 Furong distinguished professor(belong to Massachusetts General Hospital),7 foreign visiting-professors (belongs to Harvard, Yale etc.), 6 associate professors,  4doctoral tutors, 7 master’s tutors, 23 attending doctors, 17 supervisor nurses and so on.

Our Anesthesiology is on longer confined to the traditional safety during the operation. We have reached the following aspects: help the brain recovery after operation, reduce disorder of the Perioperative period , relieve the Postoperative pain, prevent Postoperative infection and Recurrence and Metastasis of the tumor. We have been at the forefront of  the elderly anesthesia,  the organ transplantaion anesthesia, the minimally invasive surgery anesthesia, the critical care, the blood protection during the perioperative period and all kinds of painless technologies in domestic. We have achieved many high risk anesthesia including Heart transplatation, Liver transplatation, Brain stem surgery ,Low weight newborn.

A breakthrough has been made by our outstanding research team mainly in three aspects: anesthesia for the eldly, anesthesia for the organ transplatation, the study and treatment of the pain mechanism . Up to 2014, we have gained 8 NSFC projects and over 30 various projects including the level of province and department projects. The total scientific research funding has been accumulated to more than 6million RMB.  Lots of honor has been received: The Scientific and Technological Award at provincial level. The Excellent Paper at national level, National Patent Award etc.  In addition, we have published more than 80 scientific-researching papers including 20 SCI articles at home and abroad and 2 chief editor medical composition in recent years.

We are proud of our medical student education and resident trainees, who come from diverse background.  Every year, we spend 120 class hours to help the medical student to grasp the relevant therapies and clinical experience and cultivate 3-7 doctoral students, 8-12 master students, 20 undergraduate students, 5-6 resident doctors, 3-6 advanced doctors.

Anesthesia is not a static discipline and our department is deeply committed to clinic, basic science, education, quality research—all of which is crucial for maintaining excellence in a rapidly changing field.