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Since its establishment, the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University has put great importance on undergraduate medical education. Measurements such as strengthening teaching consciousness and teaching reform, increasing teaching input, the level of education and talent incubation of the hospital has been greatly enhanced. Based on the Global Minimum Essential Requirements in medical education, International standard for undergraduate medical education, and hundred years of teaching experience of Xiangya, we have been fully implementing the strategy of “Promote the coordinated development of hospital throughout strong research and outstanding talents”.  The Hospital aims to cultivate talents with the "Three Orientations": Oriented to the world, we cultivate students that with global vision; Oriented to the future, we cultivate students that with innovation; Oriented to the primary care, we cultivate students that with practical clinical skills.

There are 22 education research offices and 671 full-time teachers in the hospital.  Among which, 279 have senior academic titles and 3 are outstanding teacher of the Central South University.  We have fulfilled the teaching tasks including the eight-year clinical medicine, five-year clinical medicine, clinical medicine based modified class and overseas clinical medical students class, psychology, anesthesiology, oral medicine, laboratory medicine, medical information, bioinformatics, and nursing. Over 1000 medical students are studying in our hospital.

Our hospital has a national experimental teaching demonstration center, national construction project "Engineering Undergraduate Teaching -- the National College Students' school education practice base" and the transformation of medical teaching platform, national excellent resource sharing class (the clinical skill experimental school), the national "quality video open class" (surgery). Also, we have 3 National Excellent Courses (Internal medicine, Clinical skill experimental study, Literature information retrieval), and one "12th Five-year Planning" textbook.

Teaching space area at present is 38.95 square meters for classroom teaching, clinical practice teaching and practice, including multimedia classroom, clinical skill training center, showing classroom and network, etc.. We have all kinds of teaching model and teaching equipment.

In 2014, the medical student team which trained and organized by our hospital, won the fifth session of the national medical colleges and universities students' clinical skills competition grand prize, achieving the three consecutive “Top winner” of this national prize. It is another momentary breakthrough since the Xiangya grade 1977, 1978 and 1979 got the "three consecutive champion" of the national examination. Our hospital has won the Central South University Outstanding Teaching Achievements for six consecutive years.