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On the morning of June, 21st, Professor Timothy R. Billiar from UPMC, the Chinese Government Friendship Awardee and the Thousand Talent Program Expert of our hospital, and Professor Huiwen Xie from the Keck Medical Center of USC, the Director of USC-CHINA Program, and the former president of Xiangya Overseas Alumni Association (XYOAA) Professor Liming Zhang from UPMC visited our hospital. They were warmly received by Party Secretary He Qingnan, President Zhang Guogang and Vice-president Zhu Shaihong of Third Xiangya Hospital.

At the meeting, President Zhang Guogang extended a warm welcome to the experts and appreciated what they have contributed to the development of our hospital. President Zhang said that under the background of the “double first-class construction” of Central South University, Third Xiangya Hospital shall further its implementation of the internationalization strategy, and all areas of work including clinical care, medical education, discipline development, talent cultivation and culture and publicity shall be guided by this strategy. UMPC and Keck Medical Center of USC, as the world-famous institutes, we are very happy to establish a deep friendship and we could not achieve international collaboration without the generous support from our internationally renowned professors like Prof. Billiar, Prof. Xie and Prof. Zhang.

Professor Billiar expressed his sincere congratulations on the new leaderships of the Third Xiangya Hospital and his appreciation for the hospitals warm reception. Since appointed as expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (known as the Thousand Talents Program), he said, I am tring to served as a bridge between UPMC and Third Xiangya Hospital, especially on the construction of Traumatology, the joint-training of 8-year program medical students and the scientific research cooperation of Prof. Lu from the Hematology Department and Prof. Yuan Hong from the Cardiology Department of our hospital.

Professor Huiwen Xie gave his positive appraisal to the responsibility and contribution of our medical staffs especially under the circumstances of the medical resources are relatively strained after his had a ward round on the urology, ENT, gynecology and general surgery department of our hospital. As the director of USC-CHINA Program, he is also willing to seek for further cooperation in order to construct the talent training for our hospital.

Professor Liming Zhang, as the deputy medical officer of the global services of UPMC in China and the former president of XYOAA, expressed his willingness and eagerness as they could do to the development and internationalization of our hospital, and to the whole Xiangya system.

Party Secretary He Qingnan extended his appreciation for the collaboration on the clinical work, scientific work and joint-training program between our hospital and UPMC and Keck Medical Center. Based on the existing cooperation, he pointed out that the three parties could push the cooperation and collaboration to a deeper and broader level.

Vice-president Zhu Shaihong also expressed his confidence on the future exchange and cooperation between our hospital and UPMC and Keck Medical Center.