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Global Vision, Close Coopration, Active Exchange


The Third Xiangya Hospital of CSU strives to provide excellent health care to all of our patients. This focus extends beyond the region where the hospital locates. It is a vision that serves the patients not only domestically but globally as well. To that end, we share our clinical, technological, and managerial knowledge and expertise with partners across the world through mutual learning.

To achieve this goal, we are building a strong Global Talents Strategy that will continue to attract the best and brightest physicians, nurses, researchers, and staff. We have launched a serial of key projects aiming to recruit overseas elites or cultivate outstanding talents with high potential. We have attracted more than 5 elites through “Overseas Elites and Experts Plan”, among which, 3 of them honored as the national “Thousand Talents Plan”, and 2 of them have been recognized as the key academic figures at the provincial level. With the “Transboundary Enhancing Plan”, we have sent over 300 physicians, nurses and administrative staff to the developed countries for further study and training. The hospital has always put great emphasis on medical education. We have supported 35 medical students’ study in University of Pittsburgh via “Eight-year M.D Joint Training Program”. We also encourage international academic exchange by issuing related regulations and providing financial support. Through all these years’ endeavor, more and more hospital staff went out of the country, their vision has been broaden, their perspectives changed. They brought home the cutting-edge medical technology, advanced health care model, and most important, the dynamic air of innovation and development.

Highlights of  year 2015

Da Vinchi robot surgery team has successfully completed training at Keck Medical Center of University of South California. After returning to the hospital, the team conducted the first Da Vinchi robotic operation in Hunan province, China. We have completed 100 Da Vinchi robotic procedures so far, among which, the Gynecology has stood at the monthly NO. 1 in its own discipline. The whole team has successfully finished several difficult robotic operations that rated as the "First Case" in Hunan province.

We visited University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and signed a memorandum of Precision Medicine Cooperation with UCSD. During this trip, we also visited USC and UPMC, for promoting further collaboration and tightening  the friendship.

As to the international grant, we received a grant of $80,000 from China Medical Board (CMB) E-learning Project. We have obtained 4 CMB projects consecutively in recent years.

We hosted 2 international conferences this year, including "New Xiang-Ya International conference of Nursing Safety" and "China-Australia “Xiangya-Westmead” Transplantation Forum & WHO-OPO Training".

Looking to the future, we shall expand  and strengthen the hospitals international cooperation and exchange for the cultivation of talents with global vision and improvement of  academic level and health are for  the patient.